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Now cleanse your skin with care using the v care facial cleanser. It effectively removes excess oil, sweat, and makeup. It Leaves your skin free from impurities. This cleanser imparts moisture on your face and also acts as a safe foundation for your makeup.

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VCare facial scrub contains walnuts, papaya, and peppermint extracts. Papaya has antioxidants and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that nourish your skin deeply. Peppermint refreshes your skin and provides a fresh look. This is a single scrub with multiple benefits.


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VCare facial gel nourishes your skin and hydrates it completely. The aloe vera extracts reduce the breakdown of collagen and elastin matrix. It improves elasticity and protects skin against UV radiation giving a younger looking skin.

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It contains wheat germ oil, olive oil, that hydrates your skin and brings a glow to your face. The cream has higher absorbing efficiency and creates an in-depth moisturizing effect. It improves the skin texture, complexion and leaves a glowing effect on your skin.

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VCare facial pack is rich in Multani mitti, China clay and peppermint oil. Multani mitti reduces excess oil production, and China clay enhances the firmness of your skin. Using this daily improves your skin complexion drastically.


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Aloe vera is full of antioxidant properties. It cools down your skin, reduces blisters, and soothes down sunburn. This facial gel reduces acne, and fine lines and provides complete nourishment to the skin.

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